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Nov 7, 2010
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So I bought a $300 laptop on eBay. It had some issues. I requested a return. Seller obliged and provided return shipping label. The USPS has now apparently lost the package. Tracking shows that I shipped it. Sent Priority Mail with no insurance beyond the $50 they give you.

Assuming it never gets back to the seller what happens? I'm assuming I'll get my cash back, but not really sure because I've never heard of this scenario. Any thoughts?

As an aside, I've had terrible luck with the USPS lately. Just random, I'm sure, but frustrating when you have multiple issues at the same time.

edit: laptop eventually showed up, so no issue beyond the long delay.
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Oct 16, 2016
It depends on the mood of the ebay complaint handler. In most cases they refund the buyer, even if that person is a charlatan, posted back just an empty box, or paid cash upon collection. So you might get your money back, and the seller gets no opportunities to warn other sellers that you could be an unreliable buyer.
I am basing my own opinion on that of my own ebay business, which as generated in excess of U$1million since I started to trade on eBay. But other ebay sellers with a far lower trading figure might have had a more favourable outcome. Maybe eBay thinks big sellers can absorb the losses?

By the way, I avoid USPS where I can. For expensive stuff I use FEDEX.
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If the seller is the one that provided the shipping label, then it was their mistake to not insure it for the full value of the item. That's not on you.
This. If the individual who arranged the shipping only valued the risk of total loss at $50, that is their problem not yours.

It would be a different matter altogether if you had arranged the shipping yourself.
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